On October 28th, 2006, we had to say last good-bye to our Jessi. There´s no way to explain what we felt towards her and how much we´ll miss her. Jessi fought bravely with cruel illness, but after all she lost het battle sooner then we expected. Good bye, our little Jessi...have a nice time in a dog´s heaven – you will always stay in our hearts....
Thankl you for all, just because of you we have all our cockers. You was and always will be the first one, you showed me the beauty of English cockerspaniels!!!


*15. 5. 1995 - 28.10.2006
Golden bitch

agility class MA1, MA2
2nd in special cockerspaniel race 2000
3rd in special sockerspaniel race 2003
5th in special cockerspaniel race 2004
2nd in veteran race 2003
2 x 1st place
3 x 2nd place
1 x 3rd place
conditions for move to the prestigious A3 class fulfilled