In the summer of 1995 I brought home (against my parents will) my first dog – red English cocker bitch, Jessi. In these times I didn´t know much about shows, breeding etc, so I was satisfied with no-pedigree dog. About half year later I deeply regretted my decision. Not only I couldn´t show my dog, but also I learnt more about not pedigreed cockers and their problems with character (such as headstrongness and agressiveness). In Jessi´s six months all these problems were to be found in her character. She began to be stubborn, disobedient and agressive. I somehow managed to work it out, but still she was agressive against other dogs – but she loved people. She was independent, loner. It was the right reason for having another dog, more dependent one. When I was making a decision about the right breed, cocker won again – but it was a cocker with pedigree. In the spring of 1999 I bought red bitch, Cheasy z Lesních chalup. Thereby I´d like to thank her breeder, Lenka Nìmcová, for this greta bitch with big heart, good nature and amazing temperament. I´d like to thank my parents as well for allowing to keep the second bitch at home. So the foundations of my own kennel were lain.From the first litter one bitch, Accy Ann Black and a male, Acroy Atte Tan, stayed at home. It was impossible to keep Jessi away from puppies, so then she stayed with my parents, where she was loved despite of her difficult nature.
Unfortunately, in October 2006, we lost our dear Jessi because of cancer. Thank you for all, Jessi – only because of you we have all our cockers! You was and always will be the first one! You showed me the beauty of English cockerspaniels.
In 2004 we had second litter (4 males, 2 bitches). One red male, Beetle Billy Red stayed with my friend so I could show him at exhibitions.
To this day we had 5 litters. In February 2007 I got from my friend a black bitch Bravo Sweetie Golden Janyt as a support of my future breeding.