„From Moonlight Valley“ kennel was found in 2001 and it´s still in the beginning.
It´s a small range kennel, all its members are living with us as our pets. It allows us to spend maximum of our time with them.
In summer 2002 we moved from Prague to Jevany. It´s a small town situated in the middle of wonderful deep forests, in its centre is a pound with ducks as well. Reasons for this change were two – at first we wanted to develop working qualities of our dogs. Second one was more important – new public notice about keeping dogs in Prague – they have to be on lead or with a clamp – which is impossible for our vivid dogs – and we cannot take them daily to the woods for walk when we stayed in Prague, so we moved in nice nature of Jevany.
First litter of our kennel was born in 2001 (6 males, 1 bitch). From this litter we kept a black bitch, Accy Ann Black, a very succesful girl in exhibitions – she is Junior Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Slovakia and Pland, National Winner of Poland, CACIB, regional Winner and much more - and very promising in hunting – we´d like to prepare her for a field trial tests.One male, black and tan boy called Acroy Atte Tan, stayed with us as well (CAJC and CAC CR).
In 2004 second litter by Cheasy was born (4 males, 2 bitches). From many successes of our male Beetle Billy Red just few – Junior Champion CR, exp. Champion CR, SR, PL, Junior BIG? BIS, 2 x 2. BIS in young class. His sister, Bia Blaze Black is Junior Champion SR and very promising in agility, bitch Bay Berrry Black has CAC CR and Regional Winner titles. Male Benjamin Black Boy was showed once as well.
In 2005 was Cheasy mated to the same sire because of the good nature, exterior and temperament of previous litter. 3 puppies were born – 2 red males and one black male. They seem to be very promising already - red Clever Forever is CAJC and few times was showed also his black brother, Cap-a-pie Black.
The same year we had a litter by my puppy, Accy Ann Black. One red male and one black and tan bitch were born – I´m her co-owner. The bitch, Delicious Dream won CAC SR, res CAC SR, CR, BIS in young class, her brother Day to Day was showed as well.
Our last litter was by our Bay Berry Black. We had seven puppies – 2 red males, 3 black males, 1 red bitch and 1 black bitch, both bitches we co-owned. New owners of these puppies promised us to show them, so we will see...
We are staying in touch with all owners of our offsprings. Our wish is to breed dogs with the best possible exterier, typical cocker nature, working strains and good health. We hope that the future shows us promising results.